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  • It is a requirement that an individual legal practitioner must complete 10 CPD units of CPD activity in each year beginning on 1 April to the following 31 March.
  • A CPD activity
    • Must be of significant intellectual or practical content primarily related to the practice of law; and
    • Be relevant to the immediate or long-term professional development needs of the legal practitioner undertaking it; and
  • The 10 CPD units must include at least 1 unit each of the following Required CPD activity relating to:
    • Practical legal ethics
    • Practice management of business skills
    • Professional skills
  • One hour of attendance at a seminar workshop lecture, conference, educational program or course or discussion group will attract 1 CPD unit.
  • One hour of viewing or listening to, or preparing material for seminar audio and video recorded material will attract 1 CPD unit. In calculating the minimum of 10 CPD units of CPD activity in respect of a CPD year, the total units must not include more than 5 CPD units of this type of CPD activity.
  • CPD units completed in January, February or March of a CPD year, may be assigned to either that CPD year or to the next CPD year.
  • An individual legal practitioner must maintain and retain for 3 years a written record of CPD activities undertaken, material indicating the nature of each CPD activity undertaken and a record that the practitioner undertook each activity.
  • Attending a live web seminar entitles a practitioner to claim the same number of points as attending the seminar in person.

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