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The March 2019 CPD Program is now available. There are more programs than ever before available to attend in person, watch live online as it happens, or as a recording to watch at a later date.

Please note: The maximum number of CPD points that can be claimed via live online seminars and recordings is 5 CPD points. Therefore, at least 5 CPD points must be earned by attending a seminar or conference in person. For more details, click here to view your Law Society’s rules.

Have questions about your CPD and completing it in time for the March 31 deadline? Please do not hesitate to contact our specialist team of CPD advisors on 02 9387 8133, who can assist you with your
options and make sure your selections best meet your unique professional needs.





Face to Face

Live Online

Contract Law        
Contract Law: Eliminating Mistakes & Managing Risk OND193H02 N/A N/A AAA Arrow
Property and Planning        
Property and Planning Law Update OND193H01 N/A N/A AAA Arrow
Wills and Estates        
Wills and Estates Update OND193H03 N/A N/A AAA Arrow
Trusts and Asset Protection Practicum OND193H04 N/A N/A AAA Arrow


Additionally, view a selection of interstate programs that are available live online and as seminar recordings below.


Live Online

CPD Compulsory Units for All Lawyers on 7 March OND193N08 N/A AAA Arrow
8th Annual Workplace Law Symposium OND193N09 N/A AAA Arrow
Session 1: Workplace Disputes and Claims OND193N09A N/A AAA Arrow
Session 2: Workplace Practices and Enterprise Bargaining OND193N09B N/A AAA Arrow
Limits and Review of Administrative Decisions and Disciplinary Proceedings
OND193V12 N/A AAA Arrow
8th Annual Contract Law Conference
OND193N16 N/A AAA Arrow
Session 1: Contract Conflict: From Dispute to Termination OND193N16A N/A AAA Arrow
Session 2: Key Contractual Considerations OND193N16B N/A AAA Arrow
Criminal Law: Fundamental Skills Workshop
OND193Q13 N/A AAA Arrow
Privacy and Data Security: And the Changes Keep Coming…
OND193V18 N/A AAA Arrow
16th Annual Family Law Conference
WEB193N24 AAA Arrow AAA Arrow
Session 1: Parenting, Children and Property Matters WEB193N24A AAA Arrow AAA Arrow
Session 2: CPD Compulsory Units for Family Lawyers WEB193N24B AAA Arrow AAA Arrow
SMSFs: Strategies for the Modern Era
WEB193N34 AAA Arrow AAA Arrow
PPSA: Changes, Updates and Practicalities
WEB193N40 AAA Arrow AAA Arrow
Directors and Officers Summit: You Have the Full Support of the Board
WEB193N42 AAA Arrow AAA Arrow
CPD Compulsory Areas for Succession Practitioners
AAA Arrow AAA Arrow


"Very informative, useful and practical seminar, very relevant."

Delegate - Retail and Commercial Leasing Masterclass, Perth, November 2017

, Retail and Commercial Leasing Masterclass

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